Ich habe neuerdings eine Obsession für Handlettering entwickelt und mir dazu natürlich - wie das so ist mit Obsessionen - so etwa jedes Vid...

"I know you're right, but I like my opinion better.



Inspirational Birthday Verses | John Lennon's 10 Most Inspirational Quotes…

John Lennon agrees: “Happiness is the key to life". The meaning behind my key tattoo! Have to find ur "key" aka what makes u happy!

Tafelwand in der Küche ♥

Coffee Quotes and Sayings: Men are like coffee, they’re strong, warm and keep you up all night! Decaffinated coffee is just useless brown water.

Le Petit Prince

"It's the time that you spent on your rose that makes your rose so important" (Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, Le Petit Prince) "E' il tempo che tu hai perdut.

Noch mehr Sprüche für jede Lebenslage: http://www.gofeminin.de/living/album920026/spruch-des-tages-witzige-weisheiten-fur-jeden-tag-0.html#p1

Spruch des Tages: Witzige Weisheiten für jeden Tag