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Inspired by Naruto Shippuden episode 452 (Itachi Shinden). Sasu-chan, you should treat your sister in law better~ Great, now after watching Itachi Shinden I keep thinking about possibility of relationship between SasuSaku and ItaIzu.

Out of them all, when they grow up Konohamaru is the only one wearing a headband xD

First and last appearances. I'm kinda glad they didn't include Neji cause I would just cry myself to death (getting used to Naruto's hair, but Gaara's?

Sasuke notando tudo já haha <3 Mais

Sarada meets her parents in the past. Love how Sakura faints! Sasuke starts making plans early and how they look back and forth to each other. This is just hilarious


Hmmm, something's not right in this pic.Oh wait now I know That characters from One peace That phrase is from Naruto and That's not fairy tail Ichigo is from Bleach