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Whether you are a strict vegetarian or just want to try eating meatless once in a while, you still want healthy recipes that satisfy nutritional needs without sacrificing flavor. Our vegetarian meal options can do just that. Start with our simple pasta recipes. They are crowd-pleasers that work well with a variety of flavors, spices, and accents. Try our updates of all-time winners, including creamy fettuccine and speedy ravioli, which can be on the table in less than 30 minutes. For even…

Mil hi veg lasagne. This vegetarian layered beauty is stacked with fresh vegetables, aromatic herbs, three kinds of Italian cheeses, and a rich, hearty tomato-basil sauce. Our Mile-High Meatless Lasagna Pie is ideal for a special-occasion dinner.

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Pastel shades of brown, muted shades of mustard and coral are complemented by lilac and white colors. Such combination is suits kitchen and a spacious living room design, and also is good for an open terrace in a country house.