Terence Hill & Bud Spencer

Terence Hill & Bud Spencer - Their films were very popular in my school. I think they were Italian and then dubbed in English

Super Fuzz!!!! An old comedy with Terence Hill and Ernest Borgnine.. my younger brother's favorite movie growing up.

Super Fuzz (1980)

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Bud Spencer & Terence Hill alias Carlo Pedersoli & Mario Girotti - have another confession to make, always loved these guys, watched the movies with my Dad as a little girl already. My favourite is "All the Way Boys" (Zwei Himmelhunde auf dem Weg zur Hölle in German and Più forte, ragazzi! in Italian)

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Lucky Luke. 1991. Terence Hill. Nancy Morgan. Fritz Sperberg.

Lucky Luke (1991)

A Friend Is a Treasure (1981)

Chi trova un amico trova un tesoro (1981)

With Terence Hill, Bud Spencer, John Fujioka, Louise Bennett. On a small pacific island, Alan and Charlie try to find a war treasure left behind by the Japanese army in World War II.

The Night Before Christmas (1994)

The Night Before Christmas (1994)

Directed by Terence Hill. With Terence Hill, Bud Spencer, Boots Southerland, Ruth Buzzi. Two brothers who hate themselves are going to spend Christmas with their mother.

800 spaghetti westerns: Terence Hill

800 spaghetti westerns: Terence Hill

Crime Busters (1977)

Crime Busters (1977)

Deux super-flics I due superpiedi quasi piatti (original title)

Blackie the Pirate (1971)

Blackie the Pirate (1971)

Rivaling Pirates and Spanish gold are the ingredients for this story. Blackie the pirate is the one who first hears from this shipment of gold when he encounters Don Pedro. He thinks of a.

Terence Hill

Picture of Terence Hill

Mr. Billion (1977) / Mr Milliard / Region 2 PAL DVD / Audio: English, Hungarian / Subtitles: Hungarian / Actors: Terence Hill, Valerie Perrine, Jackie Gleason / Director: Jonathan Kaplan / 89 minutes 5999882817811 Anthony Falcon is a billionaire. After he dies, he leaves his entire estate to his Italian nephew, Guido Falcone, a mechanic who wishes to be a cowboy. To get his inheritance, he has to go to California ...

Mr Billion 1977 Mr Milliard Region 2 PAL DVD Audio English Hungarian Subtitles Hungarian Actors Terence Hill Valerie Perrine Jackie Gleason Director Jonathan Kaplan 89 minutes 5999882817811 Anthony Falcon is a billionaire Aft