Doudou chaussette ourson

Don't throw out those old socks! Turn them into Sock Animals like this adorable Sock Teddy Bear. It's a beautiful gift idea.

how many ways to sew on a button? Knopf annähen. Ausgefallene Arten Knöpfe anzunähen.

Clever ways to sew on buttons! << Apparently there's more than one way to sew on a button.

Einzelne Socken werden schlange

Mismatched Sock Snake Tutorial - why not make an adorable plush snake out of those lonely socks!

Anleitung für einen faltenrock

The patternless pleated skirt. Easy sewing project that yields a super-cute result! I have this pattern of fabric, but no clue what to do with it! Currently a dress that looks cute but not on me.

Upcycling: Kinderhosen aus alten Jeans ~ Mara Zeitspieler

Upcycling: Kinderhosen aus alten Jeans / Children's pants made from old pairs of jeans Mehr

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