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Man.. this is a flash back!  NOT so ingenious!! lol

Why didnt we think about this tokeep our drinks cold while on the simple.Just put ice around the edges of this cup (mini ice chest) Hide your beer LOL Drinking in public places (beach, etc.) WHY HAVE I NEVER THOUGHT OF THIS!

Little girl and her penguin pal

The little girl's face is priceless. I wish I could get that close to a penguin.

Riley Strikes Again!

"I have no idea how it happened." The photo is funny but the problem is real. Dogs can suffocate trying to get food in the trash/recycling or can eat something poisonous.

so lazy right now

When you're too tired and sleepy any place is more than perfect for you to take a nap. That's the same for animals, with one difference and that is, generally

I’m Too Old For This Shit~ i need some hugs & love and peace please?

This thought changed my life.for the better. “Too Old For This Shit” by Chris Piascik

Hygiene is important!

Note to self- tooth brush covers are a great thing! lol Note to self- tooth brush covers are a great thing!


Jackpot: Page from Funny Pictures Another great funny picture called Jackpot from lolpix.

Define Fun!

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Middlefinger Umbrella

Regenschirm mit Mittelfinger

Fuck the Rain. Best umbrella ever. I like the rain but this is still pretty awesome.