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Corinna Kazmarek
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Jungkook in the back tho, It's funny because no one is obvious to the fact that Jungkook is like '' hey, does anybody notice me being thrown in the air ''that face tho lol

"My face when I see tall people standing in front of me," lol. Did anyone notice jungkook in the background

Seokjin  Hoseok  // ft Jimin LOOOOOOL DERP

An Appreciation Post for Bangtan Boys / BTS / 방탄소년단

I felt like J-Hope was about to, but then he thought "Suga is goin to kill me with his swag"  Why does my OTP ruin everything?

This is a revenge for "[BANGTAN BOMB] Whatcha Doin' Today?" xD Lol he looked like he was about to take it then remembered that it was the one Jimin was already sucking on