I wish this was my backyard view.

A Beautiful, Inverted Perspective

Beautiful reflection of the sun.but it occurred to be that thru a glass of wine it turns your world upside down. Sometimes wine can do that. I will consider it water.

Bird nest helper! For Tiff-like birds lol! Also on this site, check out the recycled toy wreaths (in addition to SOooo many good ideas for kids).

but when I clean out my hair brush from my long hair, I put that out for the birds. It helps them with their nest AND get used to me :) :) bird nest helpers ~ always fun to see if you can recognize anything in the nearby nests.

Zip tool with glass bit + some Christmas lights

Save Big On Designer Bags, Check Here Zip tool with glass bit + some Christmas lights

Need to get my hands on one of these!

Another reason (like I need one) for me to visit Seattle, the Chihuly Garden and Glass exhibition opens Spring

Purple all day!

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