Claudia Helmstetter-Tadday

Claudia Helmstetter-Tadday

Claudia Helmstetter-Tadday
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12 Potluck Picnic Salad Recipes ~

A collection of fresh and fabulous potluck picnic salad recipes for your next outdoor gathering.

Fun Food Eggs Eier Buffed Chicken Chicks Küken Hennen Möhren carrot black sesame sesamsamen

Hard Boiled Egg (Chickens) Start out by slicing your carrot slice as seen in the photo. Make as many as you have eggs. Slice off a bit of the bottom of each egg so it will stand upright.

Pestobrot Rezept I BBQ Beilage I Casa di Falcone

Petits pains au pesto - Pestobrot Rezept I BBQ Beilage I Casa di Falcone

Sandwich cake...sieht interessant aus, würde ich gerne mal ausprobieren

Suursugune võileivatort - Grande Sandwich Cake Marol will have to translate this for me!

Mandel-Becherkuchen mit Zitronencreme Rezept

Almond Cake with lemon cream and lemon curd - Mandel-Becherkuchen mit Zitronencreme Rezept mit Lemon Curd

Ladybird mozzarella, basil, tomato, black olive

Ladybug Caprese Bites via fabfoodist: Cherry Tomatoes + Black Olives + Basil + Mozzarella + Reduced Balsamic Vinegar (Make dots with toothpicks) For kids maybe use lettuce instead of basil