Got to try this... orange peel star garland

Love this: Orange peel star garland. Jute string and dried orange peel cut in stars.

Holzsterne selbstgemacht

one of a kind presents - wood stars

Un DIY étoilé

star decorations christmas and hanukah

chain on a Christmas tree with stars from the mass of salt

DIY crafting clay star wrap and/or would be really cute Christmas tree garland. Glue stars back to back for garland so glue doesn't show.


Christmas is almost here friends! And its time for some awesome holiday projects right? Why don& we start with Christmas STARS! After what& Christmas without the legendary stars! There are lot of DIY star decoration ideas which you can try&

stars by lala711

A whimsical mobile with two hula hoops (old bicycle rims?) hung with metal wiring. Stars look like they are wood or styrofoam painted gold and embellished with gold glitter.

stars by lena

Traditional Filipino Christmas lanterns (parol) - I would love this at my front fence right now.