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A good mix of cushions, throw, candles and an area rug can brighten up any balcony or reading nook you want to unwind in. 45 Fabulous ideas for spring decor on your balcony

This runnen flor decking for Ikea can make every balcony looks good, even the little ones. And it's quite affordable! I will surely have it on mine.

Decorar Patio Interior

Those little Ikea squares which are ok but can wear in Toronto and Canada. Some nice river pebbles in the back highlight it up nice.

Upcycling: Palettensofa bauen fertig

DIY-Anleitung: Upcycling: Palettensofa bauen via

Are you looking for a new sofa but want something unique and stylish and affordable? Then a pallet sofa is just the thing for you.