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Cordoba, Spain A great cultural reference point in Europe, this ancient city has been declared a World Heritage Site and contains a mixture of the diverse cultures that have settled it throughout history.

Bing Images - Beaujolais Landscape - Paysage du Beaujolais en automne ...

You don't have to discuss the French countryside if you come to the French Conversation meetup on Sunday, Oct., but we're sure no one would mind if you did. So much beauty to talk about!


Krabi, Thailand - I guess one good thing about moving to Japan is being able to cross a ton of places to see off my bucket list!

Baumgeister - Bing Bilder

fairy in woods, green fairy, elf, forest x 768 px] - Cartoons/Dark Arts - Pictures and wallpapers

Baumgeister - Bing Bilder

Baumgeister - Bing Bilder