20 Inexpensive Ways to Dress Up Your Home with Molding

For front entry? Board and Batten foyer wall in three steps! Prep wall by removing baseboard. Attach and to the wall using wood glue and nail into studs. Prime and paint boards and wall space between boards Attach hooks, door stop, and molding.

Flip Down Wall Art Desk

1 - piece plywood x 1 - @ 10 feet long 1 set hinge supports 1 set basic hinges 3 D ring hangers Chalkboard paint (optional) Moulding or trim (optional) 2 inch screws 2 inch finish nails wood glue wood filler 120 grit sandpaper primer paint paint brush

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Kerf wall is a modular shelf system. The storage bin has an unique plywood hinge.

Escritorios para oficinas decoración y diseño #28

Escritorios para oficinas decoración y diseño #28

30 Inspirational Home Office Desks We almost passed this desk off as too small until we saw it open, check out all of those storage compartments including a dedicated space for gadgets.

side drawer detail

Introducing the Animate Bedside Table, a truly animated art form. New furniture these days often hide the hardware and mechanics of the piece, not so with the Animate Bedside Table. Young & Nor…