Jardinera móvil de hormigón

Jardinera móvil de hormigón

Leaf and alphabet

Forest finery 12 - great trees bend and sway - simple truths pendant

- LOVE these little polymer clay pins, perfect with the colors chosen, great to dress up fall projects or use as jewelry - use punches for tiny leaves to make impression - instead of wrapping in metal tape can also just paint the edges with metallic paint

spheres from balloons

I decided for my contribution to the exhibition entitled Fragility at Sheoak Gallery at Fingal to do Raku’d Balloon Bowls and Garden Totems. So I set about making Balloon Bowls and Garden…read more →

bedrock - henry wilson

DESIGN: bedrock lamp (a resin-impregnated cord wrapped around the cast concrete bag) - henry wilson

Textured Ceramic Wall Tile Collection

Gorgeous textures in clay handmade by artist Heather Knight. These wall tiles are each individually made by Heather. Available on Element Clay’s website or Oracle Jr’s favorite shoppi…

DIY Concrete Trivet Tutorial | Hungry Heart DIY Topfuntersetzer Design Beton selbermachen

Learn how to make this modern DIY concrete trivet that can be transformed into different shapes.

hand made concrete lamp https://www.etsy.com/listing/212221558/handmade-concrete-lamp?utm_source=Pinterest&utm_medium=PageTools&utm_campaign=Share

Miss Moony. Our biggest project to date! A casted industrial desk lamp with internal socket and wire cord. Dimmer switch to

concrete tablecloth weights.. instructions ..Ferrero Rocher container. These would be great to hang from your tent to help keep the rain from pooling at the corners, during an outdoor art show.

Love this idea for keeping the table cloth from blowing up 25 Creative Concrete Projects

Papercrete bench great use of collection of odd chairs

Papercrete bench great use of collection of odd chairs - can't wait to do this with some old deck chairs - fantastic idea

DIY Cement Pencil Holders http://www.trendhunter.com/trends/diy-pencil-holder

DIY Cement Pencil Holders

Awesome Easy Fun Concrete DIY Cement Projects for Your Home ! since Roman times Cement and concrete has been with us and the Brutalist current seriously put.