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Clever folding hacks!😘
three glass bottles with plants in them sitting on a table next to candles and flowers
40 einfache aber schöne Hochzeits-Mittelstücke-Ideen unter Verwendung der Wein-Flaschen #einfache #hochzeits #ideen #mittelstucke #schone #unter #verwendung
carrots are arranged in a glass vase with greenery and white flowers on the table
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40 Spring Home Decor You Will Want To Keep #arrangement #flowers #bouquet #flowerarrangements
the facebook page is full of cooking utensils
books are knife holders
three bottles filled with plants sitting on top of a table
Glass bottles with greenery used as a candleholder
a person wearing a mask with the words you can't arrest an idea written on it
Bildschirmarbeiter - Picdump 03.02.2012
several stacks of firewood stacked on top of each other
Wood stores/shed....basic principles for construction of store and storage ?
tolle Idee zur holzaufbewahrung
several decorated eggs sitting in a bowl on a counter top with one painted brown and the other blue
DIY-ähem, Sonntag: Ostereier - Großstadtprinzessin
weißer Edding auf braunem Ei.
a heart made out of branches with lights on the side of a building in front of a door
Karis Julekalender - Luke 15
Gorgeous wreath - Atelier Kari naturdekorasjoner og kranser: Karis Julekalender - Luke 15
a jar filled with lots of different types of buttons and words on the label that says moos, mouse, kosten, bars, knetes, kohle, kohle
Geldgeschenk - Geschenk im Glas
Geldgeschenk - Geschenk im Glas
two toy giraffes and a zebra with boxes on their heads in the snow
cute way to wrap small gifts
two pairs of scissors with yellow paper on them, one has a message attached to it
message #1
diy gifts messages- My grandaughter loves the fish and egg like this, I put "I love you" in it for her. Since she can't read yet a put a picture of an eye, a heart and her name. She loves it
a mannequin is covered with branches and pineconis in front of a door
Christmas Tree Dress 2014 DIY - The Countess' New Gown
diy chicken wire dress form.........tutorial | ... from the bottom, I weave the branches through the chicken wire
four different pictures with the same woman's face on them, and text that says pick a photo
Do It Yourself Craft Ideas - 39 Pics
Make a rubber stamp from a photo #craft