❄️S T U N N I N G❄️ Thank you @Melcisme for making such a pretty manicure using our snowflake vinyls!  - Snowflake #NailVinyls snailvinyls.com

Snowflake Nail Decal/ Nail Stencil

Golden ✨ Winter Manicure by @Liliumzz Thank you! Get snowflake vinyls exclusively at snailvinyls.com✨ Snowflake #NailVinyls snailvinyls.com

Snowflake Nail Decal/ Nail Stencil

Create a winter snowflake nail design with these Snowflake Nail Decals. Two designs for 60 Snowflake Nail Stickers total. Can use as Snowflake Nail Stencils.

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Weihnachtliche Nageldesigns

One more Olaf mani before they get taken off. A texture gradient! I used OPI 'Tiffany Case' and 'Solitaire' for the gradient and I really love how it turned out. Taking these off is going to be hard a) because they're textured

gelnagel muster dunkelrot silberglanz

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