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If you are planning a wedding, choosing a wedding cake is definitely a part of this process. Most people would think it would be the easiest part of the planning. While it isn't extremely difficult it still takes thought and consideration. In my opinion, choosing a wedding cake is one of my favorite parts of the wedding planning process. Of course when I am working I don't get a chance to eat them. Yet, in this day and age they are doing so many things with wedding cakes that they are just…

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Wedding Inspiration Board

Be inspired! Find the best wedding ideas, dresses, flowers, cakes, invitations, decor and more for your wedding day on the Wedding Inspiration Board at Junebug Weddings.

Τούρτα γάμου ζωγραφιστή με ρόδια και βάση από κορμό ξύλου!

Στο άπειρο και ακόμα παραπέρα – Ένα ταξίδι μακρινό

Τούρτα γάμου με tatoo?


cake 5-0: a blog by cakelava

Μια ρομαντική τουρτίτσα, βγαλμένη από όνειρο...

Μια ρομαντική τουρτίτσα, βγαλμένη από όνειρο...

Wedding Cake Pops! Εναλλακτική γαμήλια τούρτα!

Cake? Pops? Wedding Cake Pops!

Almost 4 years ago I stumbled on the then unknown blog of Bakerella. There I saw the adorable cake pops shown below. To the delight of my husband and friends I starting making my own. I made them for any occasion or non-occasion I could think of. They were kind of 'my thing'. {confession - mine never look this good. Duh} At the time we had the most fabulous clients, Cindy and Brent. At a meeting one day I brought Cindy a cake ball {not 'pop' because there was no stick!} and said wouldn't…

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Nashville Inspired Wedding ⋆ Ruffled

When this wedding from Alison Conklin landed in our inbox, we knew within seconds we wanted to feature it. Bride Amber filled the day with details (some taken from Ruffled!) that were personally meaningful for this non-traditional couple, right down to the wedding cake — which was made by the bride’s 15-year-old sister! Keep reading…

Τούρτα αρραβώνων #sintagespareas

Τούρτα αρραβώνων συνταγή από τον/την mamanefer

Μαγείρεψε κι εσύ τη συνταγή Τούρτα αρραβώνων. Εύκολη και εντυπωσιακή, την έφτιαξα για τους αρραβώνες της φίλης μου Ελένης. Μπορεί να είναι απλά, τούρτα των ερωτευμένων φυσικά). Λίγα μυστικά ακόμα Πήρα την ιδέα από το βιβλίο "Τούρτες για παιδικό πάρτυ" με δικές μου πινελιές, όπως το χρώμα των πουλιών δεν ήταν αμιγές γαλάζιο αλλά είχε νερά σαν το μάρμαρο και σκόρπισα φύλλα παντού.Δυστυχώς δεν σκέφτηκα να τραβήξω φωτογραφίες για το κάθε βήμα.

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Green/Pink Wedding Anniversary Cake

2-recipe 6" and 8" round Chocolate Butter Cake filled with chocolate butter cream Design inspired by Pink Cake Box. This cake was ordered by Annie who ordered the Open Bible Cake for her mum. Customer's feedback: Just want to say thank you very much for making the cakes. It was very beautiful and the cakes were very tasty. My whole family enjoyed it very much. Thanks again.... For designs, quotations and order please email with details required under "How to Order".

Αν έχετε συγγενείς ή φίλους που πρόκειται να συμπληρώσουν 50 χρόνια έγγαμου βίου, χαρίστε τους μια όμορφη τούρτα για να το γιορτάσετε με στυλ!

50th Wedding Anniversary Cake

We worked on a special cake today - one for a 50th Wedding Anniversary! The bottom tier is chocolate cake, and the top tier is vanilla c...

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Small Wedding Cakes "Cinderella Carriage Cake"

Groom Disney Wedding Cakes "Cinderella Carriage Cake". This cake is well suited for wedding cake or birthday cake, because of its shape s...

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Wedding Flowers

See pictures of Cupcake Wedding Cakes. Tiered wedding cupcake stands, wedding cupcake recipes and more.

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