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27 things to do with students who don't pay attention

Pay attention, please…

27 Ways To Make Sure Students Pay Attention In Class. Or second language learners. Or my son, who often isn't paying attention.

27 Tips to Effectively Manage your Classroom

Educational infographic & data visualisation Classroom Management Infographic Description 27 Ideas about Managing a Classroom - Infographic Source -

Read Aloud: Books Bedtime and beyond: Why Family Reading Rocks. Kids interest in reading dropped almost 50% from Kgarten to 4th grade! Why? Parents stop reading to kids. Infographic See full post for ideas on how to keep it interesting.

"Read Aloud to a Child Today" infographic. This is so so sooo important for parents to do. For homeschooling parents too.

7 Habits of a Digitally Competent Teacher

So, you think you're a digitally competent teacher? Either way---check out this fun graphic depicting some characteristics that digitally competent teachers possess. My gues.

Google+ for Schools- A Must Read Guide ~ Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

Free resource of educational web tools, century skills, tips and tutorials on how teachers and students integrate technology into education

Flipped Classroom

The Flipped Classroom Infographic- I wish, wish, wish we could get computers and internet access for our students. Or at least a first period study hour that would complement a flipped classroom model.

Robert Gagne's Instruction Design Model:  The Nine Events of Instruction

Are you familiar with Robert Gagne’s Nine Events of Instruction? Would you be interested to see Robert Gagne’s Instruction Design Model; “The Nine Events of Instruction” Slideshare presentation and Gagne’s 9 Events of Instruction Infographic?

The Free eBook: How To Become An Instructional Designer

24 Highly-skilled Instructional Designers share their success stories! Read the Free eBook: "How To Become An Instructional Designer" Enjoy your reading!