★ Schlaflos in NRW ★: Seelentruhe ...  cover a photo box with book pages. Love this idea!

Decorate boxes with tabs for cards and headings for card types (thank you, sympathy, etc.) to either display at craft fairs or sell the entire box without the cards

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Affordable Wall Art Ideas

Mirror Images - Get photos, glass from picture frames, and mirror spray paint. Tape off a hole for your picture in the middle of the glass, then spray paint around the tape. Take off the tape and put the photo in the clear hole.

This might qualify me as a pack rat, but I love this idea.  I always feel so badly throwing away letters and cards we receive.  This is a fun way to put them all together (or at least the special ones) throughout the year and keep them in one small book.  It might be fun to look back and re-read my Grandmas letters or see Christmas photos of friends.

Great DIY idea for card storage - bind cards you receive together in a small book. Might be fun to look back and re-read letters or see Christmas photos of friends.

Fabric storage boxes!  Using Photos as labels is a great idea.

Fabric covered storage boxes ( shoe boxes here) with photos as labels of contents

Food containers for photo holders. Less likely to get messed up than in an acordian folder or something similar. More ideas on the blog.

IHeart Organizing: February Challenge: Project Photography {step 4 - organize remaining prints} need some inspiration to get going on this!