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Immer auf der Suche nach Ideen und das Interesse an anderen Textilkünstlern und ihrer Arbeit. Textilkunst ist mehr als Dekoration. - Always on the lookout for…
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an abstract drawing with black and white lines in the shape of a wavy, curved surface
textile inspiration
a statue of a woman standing next to three animal heads
Beth Cavener Stichter sculptures –
Beth Cavener, collaboration with Alessandro Gallo – “We Are Not Who We Seem”…
an antelope's head with long horns is shown in front of a white wall
The fauxidermy and textile art of Julia Levander Drew
deer, fauxidermy, textile art,
a cat with a mouse on top of it's head hanging from a wall
GALLERY | Characters by Julia
an animal made out of crochet and colored pencils on a white wall
Bobcat • Jan Huling – Bead Artist
jan huling
a black and white rabbit head mounted on the wall next to a round object with lace around it's ears
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Alice Cooper aka Vincent Furrier hare Head Trophy Animal Fauxidermy Fabric Art Mounted Head Soft Sculpture replica decor fabric by wondrousplace on Etsy
a statue of a goat wearing a hat on top of it's head with horns
this is just cool- i think my rhino might need a bit of clothes, too...Papier Maché
a blue elephant head hanging on the wall with a red cord attached to it's side
Unusual Woven Sculptures
Based in Paris, the sculptor Mozart Guerra, creates since few years surprising sculptures. The artist weaves nylon threads around foam portraits that he uses as basis. By playing with colors and contrasts, he gives to his pieces an hypnotic visual effect and astonishing texture
an animal mounted on the side of a wall with red eyes and long, curled horns
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Upcoming Exhibitions | Stranger Factory Ooooh Groovy! #juvenilehalldesign is inspired
a deer head mounted to the side of a wall with flowers on it's back
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Elahrairah CrueltyFree Faux Taxidermy Floral Rabbit by concu, $725.00
a deer statue standing next to shoes on the floor in front of a chair and mirror
Tapestry Trends with Interior Decorator & Stylist, Tracy Lee Lynch
Tapestry Trends: Frédérique Morrel Tapestry Taxidermy, Image Source Tracy Lee Lynch