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Jannik Bezold
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Guru3D Rig of the Month: "The Poseidon Mod" #computer #modding #pc #gaming

The last Rig of the Month of the year is December, this round we take a look at an entry submitted a few months ago. It however is such a special build that it deserves to be the ROTM December.

DEEPCOOL TRISTELLAR Gaming PC Case Mod by Mnpctech

The Deep Star Tristellar case with support for mini-ITX motherboards, full-size graphics cards, and standard ATX power supplies

Open Core by Mr_Armageddon

Mod of the Month June 2016 in Association with Corsair Open Core by Mr_Armageddon. Guys & Gals who look at car engines and say Wow! Same thing here but with exposed PCs.