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*^* please happen Pleaseeeeeeeeee!!!!! I think I just melted.

But what if my favorite character isn't someone I would be in love with? What if my favorite character is someone I think would be awesome as a best friend? What if my favorite character is a stone cold psychopath?


5 stars like - garden room, formal, fountain Classic French style meets grand country living. A Victorian conservatory was added on to the house to bring in light and integrate the exterior and interior. By The Crystal Conservator

Welcher Gärtner träumt nicht von so einem schicken Gewächshaus im viktorianischen Stil?

My dream greenhouse. Gardener's Dream Greenhouse: A superb rendition of the iconic Victorian-era conservatory, the design of this fully functional greenhouse is based upon the renowned Conservatory of Flowers in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park.


You can't really tell if this beauty actually is a greenhouse or maybe a gigantic indoor garden. But either way it is stunning and a huge inspiration on how to design one's one greenhouse with a little more charm than just the usual pots and benches.