Darko Cuglievan Gulman

Darko Cuglievan Gulman

DARKO CUGLIEVAN GULMAN Artista Plastico darkocuglievan@gmail.com www.darkocuglievan.com www.darko-art.com FACEBOOK GROUP BORN: April 14, 1988. Lima
Darko Cuglievan Gulman
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Proserpina or Proserpine (/proʊˈsɜrpɪˌni/; is an ancient Roman goddess whose cult, myths and mysteries were based on those of Greek Persephone and her mother Demeter, the Greek goddess of grain and agriculture.

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Reflection (Self-portrait), 1985 ~ Lucian Michael Freud, OM, CH was a German-born British painter. Known chiefly for his thickly impastoed portrait and figure paintings, he was widely considered the pre-eminent British artist of his time.

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