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The barcode lines of this photo pull our eyes to look vertically. It makes the people look small and rather than viewing them as a horizontal line of people I found myself viewing them individually, up and down, the same way I look at lines on a bar code.

wow! =)

"Lovers" by Christopher Etchells - I love the way the couple is singled out in this silhouette. They really stand out from the crowd, and that makes this an amazing capture.

Nitsche Projetos Visuais: Empena Viva, São Paulo

Nitsche Projetos Visuais: Empena Viva, São Paulo

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nl architects

a f a s i a: nl architects Dongdaemun Plaza Kiosk is a family of deformed containers that serve as information booth or exhibition space in Seoul.


Ne sommes-nous que des marionnettes ? / Are we only puppets ? / By Алексей Бедный.

Still going to the beach together......

Seniors Just Wanna Have Fun,,, and share juicy gossip with BFFs out in the ocean where no one can hear them!

architectureofdoom: “ booooooom: “ love to know who took this photo. ” Kuwait Towers beach enveloped in fog, Colin McLurg ”