blessed wild apple girl Photographer: Emily Nicole Teague Photography Model: Kelli Kickham Makeup: Kenzie Gregg Headdress: Miss G Designs Lighting Assistant: Christina Schellhous Horns: Faust & Company

"This is where we keep the sleeping one." "What's wrong with her?" "Nobody knows, but she's been here for over a hundred years. It is simply our duty to protect her and not question."

jade-mchugh: Sławomir Trojanowski As far as every one knew, one untouched girl would be enough for the forest.

You cannot endure to be alone with yourself and do not love yourself enough; now you want to mislead your neighbor into love and gild yourself with his mistake. …Your bad love of yourself makes solitude a prison to you.  Nietzsche

Legend's faded storyline Tried to warn us all Oh, they called her "Loreley" Careful or you'll fall.


Ophelia - I'm putting this on my drawing/art board because of how just plain well this picture is done. So beautiful, so serene, and so mad. The composition is beautiful as well.

☽↟egen verklighet↟☾

Photographer Kyle Thompson shot this "Graveyard Girls" photo by building a dam, filling it with milk and water, and then covering three girls in flour.

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