With  more and more people trying to get a handle on the week ahead, meal prepping has become increasingly practical. It's also a great way to ensure you eat healthy and often for less than buying meals out. In fact, meal prepping is getting a downright gourmet makeover — check out these 21 inspiring examples of #mealprep!

21 #MealPrep Ideas That Are Anything but Boring

Variety now the norm and we're seeing some pretty delicious — and adorable — meal inspirations coming to fruition. Make it a personal challenge to whip up one of these recipes per week and see how much money and how many calories you save by doing so.

Ein bombastisches Geschmackserlebnis mit Zucchini?

A very delish alternative to snacking: Garlic lemon and parmesan oven roasted zucchini! You are going to LOVE the flavor of this zucchini. They are incredibly easy to make!

Pack these healthy lunches to perform at your best both at work and in the gym

60 Recipes to Help Shave Calories Off of Lunchtime

42 Healthy Lunches to Pack for Work: Regardless of your dietary limitations and preferences, (at least!) one of these healthy recipes will fit the bill and make its way into your lunchtime rotation

Easy Chicken Cupcakes and Sheep Cupcakes - perfect for a Farm Themed Party. These are seriously adorable and are super tasty (oh and nice and easy to make!)

Easy Sheep Cupcakes - Farmyard Party

Looking for Farm Themed ideas? These EASY PEASY Sheep Cupcakes and adorabley tasty Chicken Cupcakes are just the thing. Easy recipes too.