Warme Farben. Blazer und Strickjackeweste. Und sein Haar!

Great brown combination for a business casual work environment. Warm colors are the foundation of a great Fall palette.


Team a brown checkered sportcoat with charcoal jeans for a seriously stylish look along with Charcoal Jeans — Brown Plaid Blazer — Mustard Crew-neck Sweater — Black and White Polka Dot Pocket Square — White Longsleeve Shirt

Den Look kaufen:  https://lookastic.de/herrenmode/wie-kombinieren/trenchcoat-sakko-pullover-mit-reissverschluss-am-kragen-langarmhemd-jeans-stiefel-schiebermuetze-krawatte-einstecktuch-guertel/5806  — Braune Schiebermütze  — Graues Langarmhemd  — Gelbe bedruckte Krawatte  — Orange Einstecktuch  — Dunkelblauer Pullover mit Reißverschluss am Kragen  — Beige Sakko  — Brauner Ledergürtel  — Brauner Trenchcoat  — Dunkelblaue Jeans  — Dunkelrote Lederstiefel

Timeless style - Check out the layering on this gent Addonizio Addonizio Addonizio Addonizio Thomas Slaton Slaton Slaton Slaton Thomas Looks like somethign you guys would need if we visit London :-) * TIE * yellow with print - go with a lot of outfits

Den+Look+kaufen:  https://lookastic.de/herrenmode/wie-kombinieren/sakko-pullover-mit-rundhalsausschnitt-langarmhemd-jeans-niedrige-sneakers-sonnenbrille/4866  —+Schwarze+Sonnenbrille+ —+Hellbeige+Pullover+mit+Rundhalsausschnitt+ —+Dunkelblaues+Sakko+ —+Dunkelrotes+Langarmhemd+mit+Schottenmuster+ —+Blaue+Jeans+mit+Destroyed-Effekten+ —+Graue+Niedrige+Sneakers+

Fall / Winter - street style - casual style - black sports blazer jeans gray sneakers red and navy plaid shirt light brown round collar sweater - minus the beard

I love it!

Layered men's winter/fall look: navy coat, black quilted jacket, grey sweater, grey gloves, and brown pants.

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