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Handmade art awesome Beautiful inspiration for art with rocks, twigs and other nature items. Natural art would be perfect for a garden or canvas.

I don't recall what it was specifically that I was searching for on the internet but somehow it led me to a beautiful art piece made with a few beach pebbles. The instance I saw it, it just took my breath away. I couldn't believe a couple of pebbles can create such a powerful image. Soon I discovered it was Sharon Nowlan who is the creative genius behind the pebble artworks. When I found her shop on Etsy, I was even more amazed with her artistry. ... More

Pebble Art by Sharon Nowlan

Adding pebbles to your home decor brings with it a natural look. Here are 12 impressive ways you can use pebbles in your home.

schwemmholz-hänger "rapunzel" von mareEmonti auf Repinned by

schwemmholz-hänger "rapunzel" von mareEmonti auf Repinned by

Kiesel Kunst Bild der Familie von drei und Hund von PebbleartShop

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