Dagmar von Buxhoeveden

Dagmar von Buxhoeveden

Dagmar von Buxhoeveden
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free skirt pattern pleated skirt

You can make an adorable pleated skirt that is perfect for the fall. This pleated skirt pattern can be made from fleece or jersey knit. It can also be made in a shorter mini length or a longer le…

DIY Bows

DIY Tutorial: Bows and Ties / DIY Little Boy Bow Tie - Bead&Cord. I'm more than likely going to end up with all boys and my husband wont wear a bowtie so I might as well throw one on my, someday, little boys.

crayon hearts - MUST do this!

(image) What a great idea for the kids / grandkids! Perfect DIY project & recycle those used / broken crayon pieces, too. Would make for a great party favor, gift for Valentine's Day (or other occasions) or gift from Teacher to Students! Love it!

DIY Paper Lotus Candlestick | iCreativeIdeas.com Like Us on Facebook ==> https://www.facebook.com/icreativeideas

Lotus Candlestick: A nice candlestick is a sweet element for a romantic dinner. You don’t have to spend much on a nice new candlestick. You can make a beautiful candlestick with paper. Here is a super cute idea to make a paper lotus candlestick.

How to Make Swan Shaped Cookie | www.FabArtDIY.com LIKE Us on Facebook ==> https://www.facebook.com/FabArtDIY

Swan Shaped Cookie Recipe Tutorial: This swan cookies are so beautiful and easy to make and will be great treats for after school snacks or gift delivery.