Der stylische Ammonit Waschtisch fürs Bad

Bar Sink Features A Nautilus Shell Shaped Cavity Basin Want your home’s bar to be wet? The compact style of this ammonite bar sink and faucet by High Tech Design Products features a nautilus shell.

Gefällt....aber bitte mit Ausblick aufs Meer.....Raumteiler aus Birken im Schlafzimmer

cjwho: “ Casa Tataui Interior design and architecture studio Vera Iachia designed the Casa Tutui located in Portugal. This paradise of a summer house evokes peaceful and serenity with the use of a.

Mobile Forschungsstation in Weimar / Klappe auf, Klappe zu - Architektur und Architekten - News / Meldungen / Nachrichten -

Klappe auf, Klappe zu - Mobile Forschungsstation in Weimar

The "Spirit Shelter" - a tiny structure designed for self-reflection, has lofted bed and study spaces that cantilever over the main floor - exterior - photos / floorplan : SmallHouseBliss

neue Wohnkonzepte entwickeln: Der dänische Architekt Konrad Wójcik

We’re digging these beautifully imagined single pole, zero-waste, solar panel-clad “Primeval Symbiosis” homes designed by Danish architect Konrad Wójcik. via Scout Magazine

Futuristische Architektur von Dionisius González

Futuristische Architektur von Dionisius González

Bewaldete Hochhäuser in Mailand / Bosco Verticale - Architektur und Architekten - News / Meldungen / Nachrichten -

Bosco Verticale - Bewaldete Hochhäuser in Mailand

‘Bosco Verticale’ (Vertical Forest) by Boeristudio architects (Stefano Boeri): a vertical forest that will feature 900 trees, shrubs & plants— on the balconies of two residential towers in Milan, Italy.

Futuristisch anmutendes #Düsseldorf

Discover The Gehry Buildings of Dusseldorf Harbor in Dusseldorf, Germany: Twisted buildings adorn the banks of the Rhine river.

Altstadt: Fischmarkt & Groß St. Martin

After having a Christmas market every day of the week, in January the German city is about to be even more festive with IMM