Best pumpkin carvings, ever.

Happy Halloween!

Halloween is a week away and in case some of you have yet to decide on a geeky design for your pumpkin, I figured you guys would like to see these awesome Pokemon Jack-O’-Lanterns as some inspiration (assuming the Dalek Read More .

No Worries

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Carved pumpkin for halloween, chewing a leg! Great for trick or treaters on the doorstep or porch

Celtic knot pumpkin carvings - WOW!

For an intricate and unique jack-o'-lantern, try carving Celtic knots, complete loops with no end or beginning, into a pumpkin.

Making your next hallowen looks better! Pumpkin carvings

Amazing Pumpkin Carvings by Ray Villafane

Unusual (and Amazing) Pumpkin Carvings

Amazing Pumpkin Carvings by Ray Villafane

If you think you’ve seen the best pumpkin carvings before, you haven’t seen these detailed face pumpkin carvings before!

pumpkin carvings by Villafane Studios... AMAZING!!!

Halloween is near and you've probably seen some awesome pumpkin carvings already. Ray Villafane has been making rounds with his amazing zombie pumpkin scul


Pumpkin Art: Ray Villafane allows us to bring you these awesome pumpkin carvings to help inspire when you break out the knife for this year's Halloween.

Pumpkin art by Alex Wer - carvings

Amazing carved versions of celebrities and movie characters on pumpkins -- and Harry Potter is perfect for that time of year.