Tech-Accessoires mit natürlicher Note

Tech Accessories with a Natural Note. Canadian label Maderacraft brings its passion for natural materials together with the technological world in its iPhone docks, iPad and monitor stands, and keyboard trays in bamboo and walnut.

Bringen Sie frisches Design und gleichzeitig Gemütlichkeit in Ihr Zuhause!  Die farbenfrohe Gruppe von 3 hölzernen Vasen ist eine einzigartige Mö...

Holzvasen 3er-Set Kupfer

Love the rose gold! Set of 3 Painted Wooden Vases Holiday Decor by ShadeonShape

By integrating our wireless chargers into our lamps and side tables – the kind of furniture that is in every home – we’ve brought function and advanced technology to the most everyday items, while still retaining a style and elegance.

IKEA - RIGGAD, LED work lamp w/wireless charging , You can easily charge your smartphone wirelessly. If your phone supports wireless charging, place it on the built-in charger. If not, you will need to purchase a wireless charging cover.

Freshome. (n.d.).Ikea QI charging lamp. [Online]. [Accessed: 3 March 2015] No price yet, available mid April.

Swedish furniture giant IKEA unveils its first collection of wireless charging furniture designed to make phone charging more accessible & less obvious.

Induction-charging Stations into Home Furnishings: Smart Homes

IKEA’s new range of bedside tables and floor, table, and work lamps come with integrated wireless Qi charging pads.

Il sera bientôt possible de recharger son portable sans le brancher, juste en le posant sur certains meubles Ikea. Le secret réside dans le système Qi, qui permet une charge par induction électromagnétique. Explications.

Ikea va doter ses meubles de chargeurs sans fil pour smartphones

STOCKHOLM (AP) — Lost that charger again for your cellphone or tablet? Hate sorting heaps of wires to charge various devices? Swedish retailer IKEA might just have the answer — furniture with built-in charging spots,…