Outdoor side table DIY

Outdoor Pallet Furniture DIY: 2 pallets + 3 pavers + white paint = a great outdoor shelf, bar or garden table.

DIY Gartenbank mit Beton und Holz als günstige Low Budget Deko für den Garten

DIY - Gartenbank mit Beton und Holz

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Pallet Garbage Bin Shelter

Pallet garbage bins shelter your cans and are a good use for extra wood!

smaller version for bottom of slope near fence/driveway? - The climbing wall and slide at Pied Piper preschool

A climbing wall like this could be put on our hill/slope. Maybe a slide next to it, also imbedded in the slope. Up the wall, down the slide.

XXL Gartenliege - hier noch große bequeme Polster und der Sommer und mein Lieblingsbuch können kommen...

3 outdoor seating ideas anyone can build. Pallet Lounger: Plop some weather-proof cushions on this thing and you've got a versatile seating solution VIA please build me this for the upstairs balcony

DIY Sandbox...that is freaking awesome!! /// Selbstgemachter Sandkasten, den man auch verschließen kann - einfach großartig :) #Bosch

Wood pallet sandbox, with bench seats that unfold to cover the sandbox! LOVE THIS! I hate sandboxes bc it's like an outdoor litter box for wild critters. Love that the cover will keep them out! Hubby is going to hate that I found another pallet project :D

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