Kuchen in Nummernform | Zahl z.B. für Kindergeburtstag oder Jubiläum | Make any number out of cake with these tips.

35 Amazing Birthday Cake Ideas

How to make any number out of cake without special cake tins / pans. With instructions for cutting and using either purchased, pre-baked, or home-baked cake, made in basic shapes.A-ians: Swiss roll = jelly roll; slab cake = sheet cake)h

Torte mit Überraschungseffekt


This Smarties Cake is very easy and you'll look like a Pro in the Kitchen. Try the Chocolate Rainbow Smarties Cake too!

Muffins im Waffelbecher für die Kita! Super Idee!

Muffins im Waffelbecher

Den täglichen (Wahn)Sinn...: Regenbogenkuchen

Wider den täglichen (Wahn)Sinn: Regenbogenkuchen, so schaut's aus!