urban oase vom feinsten

Garden with a plunge pool. Can this please please please be in my back yard when I get a house? If not I will build it.

Rankgerüst aus Ästen

Great idea for all the sticks & branches! Great room divider, wall or garden art or even a trellis!


41 Cheap And Easy Backyard DIYs You Must Do This Summer

Lovely ideas from a French garden. This is spray-painted chicken wire! Add a wooden craft ball painted in glow in the dark paint to light up at night

Wunderschön - ein grüner Dachpavillon

We love this living willow outdoor structure tht gives you another living room in your garden ! More Living Willow Str.

Cool and Unique DIY Garden Globes • Lots of great ideas & tutorials!

Cool and Unique DIY Garden Globes

Cool and Unique DIY Garden Globes Lots of great ideas & tutorials! I love love love the bright coloured one in this picture!

living fence made from willow

willow branches from landscape nursery in bundles of 100 sticks . put branches in ground at least 6 inches . 4 to 8 inches apart . one pointing left . the next pointing right . weave them together . using hemp twine tie them together at the top

einfach großartig - kann jeder nachmachen

living willow sculptures - center piece by garage to tie board walk into garden or use four to as a feature in outdoor lounge area

Wunderbare Idee aus alten Stücken - das in einem schon eingewachsenen Garten integriert mit Rosen usw. toll!!

Yard Art~ Make a free Standing Garden Porch made of old recycled materials. I love the old odd shaped windows, porch and stair railings, rusted tin, etc. What a fun place to hang out! / Magic Garden must do this


landscaping design ideas for backyard can be simple and within your budget. Try these simple landscaping design ideas for backyard the inexpensive way

Rock vase sculptures, Beautiful!

Unique ceramic garden art, slate stone garden pots and stone garden water features, perfect for landscape gardens.

Koro class, in NZ. Will have to make my own way. Oh for a tutorial. I think a two part styrofoam mold, reinforced with rebar or other concrete friendly wire.

Koro class, in NZ. I think a two part styrofoam mold, reinforced with rebar or other concrete friendly wire.


Garden and pool of decorator and landscape designer Michael Trapp. Would even work in a small backyard. No one needs a huge pool.

..krea-krampen..: Gren-leg--Reminiscent of the proposal....? RD idea? Weave some lavender into umbrella...?

It's raining men. Green umbrella, can be adorned with flowers.

Organic Garden Sculptures. I could go for this. I don't like metal or glass bottle "art" in the garden. But this is beautiful.

another pinner:My hubs makes these from fallen cedar branches. He makes them in tripod shapes for tomatoes and birds, too.

Re-purposed Chair! Love this! I have an old chair in my barn I can use to do this!!! Oh Spring, hurry up!!!!

Inspiring Garden Decoration Ideas

I can so envision an outdoor room with moss/plant covered furniture, window frames w/ window boxes on surrounding fence walls. Maybe I should try this as a mini garden. Outdoor story chair for school. Epic and moveable!