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very cool scarf/hood combo. wish i could find who makes this as links dont work properly and cant find anything by the name of y street fashion

Magic Faucet Fountain

Magic Faucet Fountain That is SO cool!

Наруч, фиксирующий запястье Делался в пару к часам. Заказчик не захотел покупать ортопедическую полуперчатку. Хотел чтоб она сочеталась с часами.

Shorter wrist section. Possibly made of tough but flexible cloth for easy movement with soft leather on the palm Same color as jerkin and hood and belt and boots.

The Beautiful Trojan Collars by Oli, Handmade Latigo leather, Hand tooled brass hardware, Saluki Station

Glitter 4 Your Critter Handmade Leather Dog Collars by Oli, Imported Latico Leather

http://thegoodbags.com/ What?! I found these in black and chestnut for $61.99… More

Simple templates for a cool functional wallet. Leather laser cuts beautifully, and engraves just as well. This has huge potential for a customized diy project.

orig00.deviantart.net 65b5 f 2011 135 6 d ezio_brotherhood_wip_01_by_rabid_llama-d3gg2du.jpg

3 days of snipping, cutting, taping and scrawling lines, and the tunic mockup is ready to start sewing in fabric today! There is an inner tunic (which extends to the knees) and the outer doublet, w.