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Daniel Reitenberger

Daniel Reitenberger
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The reason we have to ask the patient to demonstrate

House: Are you using your inhaler? Patient: All the time. House: You sure you're using it right? Patient: Do I look like an idiot? House: No.Why don't you show me how your inhaler works? Hahah, House MD tv show quotes

Steampunk Harley Davidson

This customized bike exhibits a great amount of steampunk-ish looks. This custom bike is with a real steampunk attitude which doesn’t cut into the bike’s spirit. Click the link to learn more about this bike. Custom Harley with Steampunk Look

5 kg carbon bike - Blackbraid

PG Bikes and Munich Composites hop on the carbon braid train with the Blackbraid bicycle. The bike comes in at under 5 kilograms and is available as either a single speed or as a touring model with 14 gears.