Weg, Tür und Bambus

****possibly move fence gate over in furture / so no need for greenery around foundation**or just pots on stepping stones near wall then gravel.Modern fence and gate Leuk die steentjes naast die grote terrastegels

Schön mit Beleuchtung...

Amazing wire mesh and river rock planter topped with river rock designs ideas

diese Beleuchtung sorgt für Garten-Romantik Klein: LED-Spots "Noxlite Spot Mini" von Osram

Gartenleuchten - clevere Außenleuchten

Right in time for summer, Osram is expanding its line of Noxlite outdoor LED luminaires. New in the range is the Noxlite LED Garden Spot Mini.

Gabion (a wire cage filled with stones) wall for the garden

Steenkorf, stone basket wall nice combination of materials - gabion basket + wood