Brilliant idea for making a paper mache pumpkin

Halloween projects Tutoriales- Cómo hacer calabazas para halloween not sure if this the correct credits.

Kids basteln

Art with Mom Your kids will love making their own leaf wreaths for fall! Simply cut a hole out of a paper plate and let them glue different colored leaves to complete the craft!

Make a fall berry wreath

A Bounty of DIY Fall Wreaths

Make a fall berry wreath with a florist foam wreath form, berries, and rosehips. Many more wreath ideas in this post.

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Straw Weaving Welsh Border Fan

Straw Weaving Welsh Border Fan, Litha witches wheel, and altar items for wiccan celebrations


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Straw Weaving - Heart -

Straw weaving is an old traditional craft. It& considered to be good luck to give away little favors made of straw. Tutorial how to make a straw heart.