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l' Unite d' Habitation / La Cité Radieuse. Marseille, France. 1952. Le Corbusier

This Le Corbusier Apartment in Marseille, France in the Cité Radieuse (radiant city). One of Le Corbusiers’s most famous works, built in The 1 075 Sq Ft duplex has [.

Bildergebnis für coussee goris

Sometimes "just add a glass box" is the right thing for a transformation. Just make sure it is a glorious glass box like this, within a proper architectural design.

EM2N gewinnen Wettbewerb in Basel / Neubau für Naturhistorisches Museum und Staatsarchiv - Architektur und Architekten - News / Meldungen / Nachrichten -

Neubau für Naturhistorisches Museum und Staatsarchiv - EM2N gewinnen Wettbewerb in Basel

Der monolithische Bau ist kompakt, abgeschlossen und unverrückbar. (Foto: Gong Dong)

Fels in der Brandung

chinese firm vector architects shared with us one of their recently completed projects the seashore library located on the coast of bohai bay. see the project at by designboom

best architects architektur award // Pedevilla Architekten / Pedevilla Architekten / Wohnhaus Pfarrmesner / Wohnungsbau/Mehrfamilienhäuser

Image 5 of 17 from gallery of Residence Pfarrmessner Sterzing / Pedevilla Architects. Photograph by Gustav Willeit

Krook Gent vanaf 10/03/2017

"De Krook" is much more than just a library organisation. They have many workshops and events, for any age type, where they try to integrate more culture and knowledge in the community.