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The science behind misophonia, and possible treatments


The science behind misophonia, and possible treatments

Today: Misophonia (Sept. 8, 2011)

I always attributed this to my anxiety but I'm super relieved to see that this is a real disorder that I've been suffering from for forever! (And why I haven't been to the movie theatre in 4 years)


This actually makes me feel a bit better about this problem I have.

Awareness day and awareness ribbons - MISOPHONIA UK

Awareness day Our awareness day always falls on the first Monday in May. We call it Misophonia Monday. Wear a ribbon on Misophonia Monday and show.

Progressive Muscle Relaxation (PMR) – Misophonia Treatment

Progressive muscle relaxation may be the best kept secrete in misophonia treatment. It can reduce the anger from triggers and can actually reduce the strengt.

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Based on the research in human reflexes, Tom Dozier describes his understanding of Misophonia and the treatment he developed. Misophonia appears to be a acut.

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Do Certain Sounds Enrage You? Neurologists May Know Why

Neurologists have spotted physical differences in the brains of people who are triggered by specific noises. (My biggest triggers are chewing and whistling)

Interview, Progressive Muscle Relaxation and Misophonia - YouTube

Most meditation techniques have been around in one form or another for centuries. Progressive Muscle Relaxation is the exception to this rule. It was develop.

22 Things Only People Who Hate Noise Will Understand. YES The struggle is real, people.