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a metal chair sitting on top of a cement floor next to a white wall,
Ultralight Flex Chair: Flat-Pack Aluminum, Strong like Steel
a table with a laptop on it and a red light at the top, in front of a white wall
Nils Holger Moormann
a close up of a wooden table with two pieces of wood sticking out of it
someone is cutting wood with a pair of scissors
Storytelling Furniture by Nueve Design Studio
a wooden cross on top of a white wall
Minimal Waste + Table by Fraaiheid
a door handle with a woman's silhouette on it and a toilet paper dispenser
Produktdesign: Was bringt das Produkt mit dem Design zusammen?
the back side of a black chair with curved legs
someone is holding their hand up to the top of a table with two blue triangles on it
DesignWanted on Instagram: “Do we need a new way to open cabinets? Created by @leahksamick, the Peel Credenza is a low cabinet featuring an unexpected detail. Rather…”
a blue shelf with books and vases on it
there is a cat that is sitting on the ground next to some rocks and gravel
Gallery of French Embassy in Accra / Segond-Guyon Architectes - 1