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NIC Design 1m x 1m tub

Innovative bathroom design company NIC Design has turned the bathroom on its head once again with this cool square bathtub-shower combination. Simply dubbed Tub, this modern minimalist bathroom essential.

MTI Kalia 2 in acrylic. US sourced. 120x120x86 (74 deep in foot well, 53 deep at seat, both to overflow) Around $2500

Japanese inspired, minimalist lines and generous depth with low bench seat.

Wood Walled Water - the one time i'd be OK with wood paneling in my house.

CONCEPT: WOOD WALL BEHIND BATH-TUB? Architectural Details: 10 Skylights in the Bath : Remodelista Above: A skylight above the soffit washes natural light across the wood wall in this bathroom by San Francisco based Adlin Darling Design.

black tub - interesting

Bath tub detail a residential house by Remy Meijers This traditional Japanese soaking tub (ofuro) is something out of my dreams. This tub really MAKES this space.