This is how I set up my student desks... It helps with classroom management, keeps them organized  and they serve as centers. You'll love the flow :)

I like the setup of the smaller shelves next to each pod of desks. The small bookshelves has all the supplies that each group might need. It gives the students responsibility over their own spaces.

Fairy Dust Teaching Kindergarten Blog: Reggio Emilia: Hanging Art

Very groovy using a tree branch as a "Natural Display" for a Kids Art Show. [Original post copy: Reggio Emilia: Hanging Art - Children's Self Portraits suspended from a tree branch]

11 Desk Arrangements for Your Best Classroom Yet

11 Easy Desk Arrangements for Your Best Classroom Yet

Classroom Designs-- Mine is currently Senatorial, but I plan on using all of these depending on the task for the day.

Any time we're getting bored with the layout, I may draw from here. good reminders/sparks for ways to arrange the room! Classroom layout as an extension of learning - designing desks and rooms to aid teaching, differentiation, and creativity

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