einfache Frisuren mit Zöpfen

Different braid styles! I can do all but ladder.still tryin to figure that one out!

Autumn hair colours on fire!but have her hair straight with this ombre concept (changes with mood).


These 25 braided hairstyles are perfect for an easy going summer day. It doesn’t matter if you have long hair, short hair or something in between, you’ll find braided hair ideas ranging from easy to o(Hair And Beauty Quotes)

Habt Ihr Lust auf eine neue Frisur? Wir haben Tutorials bei Pinterest gesammelt.

Die zehn besten Haar-Tutorials auf Pinterest

see the tutorial! I think my most favorite thing about the twisted crown braid tutorial it is it takes literally five seconds to do. Okay so not literally…

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Such a cute hairstyle for a summer day spent at the beach! Just a quick french braid and a messy bun and you got yourself easy, careless beach hair