Bratkartoffel sind an sich schon etwas feines - aber mit dieser Füllung wird das ganze erst richtig lecker

Idaho baked egg potato This was a great fast meal! I zapped my potatoes in the microwave since I didn't have time to bake them properly. Overall great recipe.

Pastèque / myrtilles …

Fruit Sparklers made with watermelon stars and blueberries Tastes Better From Scratch July desserts, recipes

einfach super lecker und wunderschön dekoriert

Discover thousands of images about This looks sooo good I have to prepare a fruit platter JUST LIKE THIS at least once this summer! it’s all in the presentation!


Beautiful creative vegetable tray tomatoes (center looks like a rose) cucumber black olives

Ein bombastisches Geschmackserlebnis mit Zucchini?

A very delish alternative to snacking: Garlic lemon and parmesan oven roasted zucchini! You are going to LOVE the flavor of this zucchini. They are incredibly easy to make!

Healthy and pretty veggie tray for parties! Add hummus or your fav dress and DONE :)

Wouldn't this be great for a Barefoot garden party? Just add hummus or your favorite dip.

Osterkranz mit einem #Osterei in der Mitte, #Backen zu Ostern

Italian Easter Bread Recipe - an easy family favorite to celebrate the day. Colorful dyed eggs and sweet bread.

Готовимся к Новому Году: идеи оформления нарезок

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25 Fun (and Delicious!) Halloween Snacks for Kids

31 Fun (and Delicious!) Halloween Snacks for Kids

Silly Apple Bites - They’re silly. They’re easy to make. Just green apples, sunflower butter, sunflower seeds, a strawberry tongue, and a batch of homemade googly eyes.