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Tomas Villalta

Hard Surface Designs, Dallin Bifano

Robots, Mechs and planes. Just personal stuff that I have done outside of work stuff.

Gladius-class Destroyer by ClefJ on DeviantArt

The gladius-class is the workhorse of the Confederate Central Military in my RP. 1050 meters or so in length, capable of atmosphere reentry for unloadin... Gladius-class Destroyer

Dropship, Andreas Strømberg

Dropship Fan Art, from Killzone Shadow Fall. Concept by Mike Hill

Black Faun Fighter by PaulRomanMartinez on DeviantArt

Black Faun fighter circa 1936. First seen in Tibet in Book Three of the Adventures of the 19XX. Black Faun Fighter


KILLZONE ships by Mike Hill

Have I told all of you how pumped I am that you are accepting the new 1920 wide format? Thanks so much! Here is more proof that it is the ri...


Artist & author of Structura I, II, and III. 343-Microsoft - Halo 5 Art Director. Credits: Halo 4, Assassin's Creed, RAGE, Prince of Persia, AITD 4, & about 100 book covers. photographer whenever i can. all art posted here is mine or respective companies i worked for.

When Your Spaceship Can Build Other Spaceships

Prog Wang is an artist based in California who has done stuff with companies like id Software and design studio Gadget Bot.

Star Citizen on Twitter

“RT & FAVORITE if you think Four Horsemen’s Starship deserves to win #TNGS #StarCitizen”