Enjoy homegrown potatoes no matter how much space you have with these step-by-step instructions for creating and using a potato barrel.

Make Your Own No-Space Potato Barrel - Do It Yourself

The City Homesteader book cover. How to Build a Solar Food Dehydrator.I may have to get this book.


400-Year-Old Arctic Plants Frozen by Glaciers Come Back From the Dead

Arctic plants frozen by glaciers comes back to life! Ancient bryophytes sprouting new growth after 400 years of dormancy!

Tree Cathedral | Atlas Obscura

Cattedrale Vegetale (Tree Cathedral)

Vegetal Cathedral in Italy Italian artist Giuliano Mauri is passionate by nature and wood material. This passion lead him to build this amazing vegetal cathedral. With the help of planted and.

Hocking Hills Cabins, Four Seasons Cabins in the Hocking Hills

would love to grow them Red Fleshed Apples! At Hocking Hills Orchard, here at the Four Seasons Cabins, . The flavors range from sweet (Pink Pearmain) to tart (Pink Pearl) just like other apples. More than just a novelty, they are great eating.

Pink Pearl (5207256521).jpg

Anyone know where to get 'pink pearl' apples from?

The pink apple called the 'Surprize', which has been grown in orchards in Tillington, near Hereford

An apple that's pink inside... and called the 'Surprize'

Tesco shoppers may make an unexpected discovery tomorrow inside a particular variety of apple. And for once, the surprise inside isn’t the type to make the horror stories section of a newspaper.

Gertrude Jekyll

Fabulously scented with an old-rose fragrance, English Rose 'Gertrude Jekyll' produces clusters of the most beautiful, large, fully double flowers of rich glowing pink. This beauty is considered one of the finest creations of David Austin. Vigorous an

St.  Alban

St. Alban

St. Ethelburga

St. Ethelburga

Graham Thomas

Buy rose Graham Thomas (shrub) Rosa 'Graham Thomas ('Ausmas') (PBR)' - Peony-like blooms: Delivery by Waitrose Garden in association with Crocus

You haven’t seen them at the grocers, but apple growing devotees have no doubt heard of apples with red flesh. A relative newcomer, there are a number of red fleshed apple trees available to the home fruit grower. Read this article to learn more.

Red-Fleshed Apple Trees – Learn About Types Of Apples With Red Inside

Apples With Red Flesh: Information About Red-Fleshed Apple Varieties in Fruits, Edible Gardens

Brown's apple juice - pic. Mark Shirley.

Brown's apple juice - pic. Mark Shirley.

The Rosetta Apples

The Rosetta Apples