Pflanzenvermehrung wie durch Zauberei - gärtnern mit Kindern -

Food the REGROWS ITSELF How to eat on a Budget. Be sure to upcycle your food scraps. All of this food will magically regrow itself!

Um vorbereitet zu sein, wenn im Garten oder auf dem Balkon wieder frische Kräuter wachsen.

20 Money-Saving Gardening Tips (From Pinterest)

Stone Herb Markers use a white Sharpie pen. I'm about to plant my herb garden. What a good idea.


Art trellises the garden: vegetable gardens---this lady is an astounding artist who also does landscaping; her designs are spectacular. Note her frequent use of containers !

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Invite Nature In With 20 Incredible Indoor Plant Ideas-homesthetics how to grow an avocado tree at home gardening

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When to plant herbs indoors, outside and when to harvest. Sowing calendar dates for herbs.

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