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Treehouses and spiral stairs go hand-in-hand. Don't miss the opporunity to include a fun spiral stair in your treehouse design.

The Galloping Gardener: "Must See" British gardens - Wollerton Old Hall, Shropshire

Beautiful, painted, Gothic wooden gate and Wollerton Old Hall gardens Source: The Galloping Gardener Photography by Charlotte Weychan

interessante Garten LED-Beleuchtung

Rope lighting in flower beds. This works perfect for lighting a walkway. I used the rope light holders that stick in the ground and cut off half the spike.

Trittsteine Naturstein

Moss covered paths lined with flowering ground cover, ferns, and hosta. This landscaped courtyard has room for patio furniture and a fountain.

Architectural Digest | How to Light Your Bathroom

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This modern wood pathway is surrounded by ivy covered arches and lit up by overhead lights.

14 Modern Walkways And Paths That Are Creative And Functional

This modern wood pathway is surrounded by ivy covered arches and lit up by overhead lights - outdoor decor inspiration

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nice way to make an easy walking or wheel chair walk in the yard.

Tasmania-based furniture designer Duncan Meerding loves the outback wilderness, which comes across in his work – his most popular pieces are simple logs whose natural cracks emit soft, warm light. Meerding is also legally blind, so the use of light in his

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If you want a gate, might as well choose this stunning stoned moon gate.